Lash Levels 1 - 4 Sets

Is this your first time looking to get lash extensions? Just want to freshen up your look?


CoCo Bleu's "Level 1" Natural Set is a great starting place.  The Level 1 enhances your natural lashes for a beautiful Mascara look.


Our "Level 2" custom set allows choice of style, fullness and length options.

The" Level 3 Set” custom set allows choice of style, fullness and length options.This is a dramatic, full set. Hybrid Set 


The "Level 4” set is a hybrid set providing a fuller look.

If you're still not sure which set is for you, book an appointment to discuss your concerns.

Lash Lifting and Tinting

A Lash Perm enhances your natural lashes by giving them a curled look.  


Tinting darkens the lashes for an added mascara look too.


~ Recommended for longer lashes.  

Last 6-8 weeks

Tint last up to 2 weeks 

Brow Tinting & Brow Henna

Eyebrow tinting includes our esthetician applying a semi-permanent dye which enhances, shapes and defines your eyebrows.

Tint last 5-7 Days 

Henna last 7-14 Days 


Eyebrow Wax

Lip Wax- Upper lip Wax 

Brow Wax - Brow Clean up